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Crime Prevention
"Promoting Awareness Through Education"

The Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) was formed in 1989.  Over the years the CPU has received numerous awards honoring their dedication and devotion to crime prevention and to the faculty, staff, and students of Texas A&M University.  The CPU is currently staffed by Lieutenant Allan Baron, Master Officers Dee Donovan and Kristi Hosea.

The involvement of the CPU within the A&M community is vast and far-reaching.  The unit primarily concentrates its duties within the A&M campus proper, located in College Station, Texas.  Approximately 53,000 students and 10,000 faculty/staff members benefit from the unit.  The unit also travels to various cities throughout eastern and central Texas giving talks, lectures, and presentations to various groups and organizations.

The CPU is responsible for staffing the Community-Oriented Police Services (C.O.P.S.) offices in the University Apartments, Commons Lobby (residence south), and Hullabaloo Hall #134 (residence north).  The C.O.P.S. program is a partnership between the Department of Security and University Police and the Department of Residence Life.  Together, they work hand in hand to provide a safer community.

The CPU conducts building security surveys, which measure the building's vulnerability to crime.  The building's perimeter, exterior, and interior are examined.  A written report is then given to the Department Head or appropriate person responsible for the building.

The CPU works with anyone requesting special projects, which require police help or informational material on personal safety or property security.  Examples include students with class projects requiring information on penal code laws, alcohol laws, traffic laws, and security matters.  


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 Crime Prevention Unit

Texas A&M University Police Department
College Station, Texas 77843-1231
Fax: (979)845-6500

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