​​When to use 9-1-1 vs. the Non-Emergency Number

911 should only be used for an emergency situations.  An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from police, fire or ambulance.​


  • A crime in progress
  • A fire
  • Domestic Violence
  • Car Accident
  • Suspicious Activity

What is an emergency? 

  • Any serious medical problem such as chest pain, seizures and/or severe bleeding.
  • Any type of uncontrolled or unsupervised fire.
  • Any life-threatening or serious crime in progress

What are non-emergency calls?

  • Property-damage accidents (‘fender benders’.)
  • Vehicle break-ins (when suspect is gone)
  • Theft (when suspect is gone)
  • Vandalism (when suspect is gone)
  • Panhandlers
  • Parking violations

​Helpful Hints​​

  • Always listen to the dispatcher.
  • Do not hang up until they tell you to do so.
  • The questions they ask are for your safety and the safety of the public and the officers.
  • Just because they are asking questions does not mean that help is not already on the way.
  • Information is entered into a computer & dispatched to the proper units.