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University Police Department

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 Report a crime
 Register my bicycle
 Find out about getting my property engraved
 Locate the University Police building
 Get information about becoming a Police Officer
 Schedule a Ride-Along with an officer
 Take care of a Parking ticket
 Take care of a Traffic ticket
 Get Gameday information
 Find out about parking during football games
 Compliment an officer
 File a complaint against an officer


The Patrol Division, supervised by Lieutenant Mark Hartman, is the heart of the department and the most visible to the gener​al public.  As the primary responsibility of this division, Texas A&M University police officers are on constant patrol of the campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to prevent crime, preserve the peace, and to protect life and property by enforcing the Texas state laws, and the Texas A&M University Rules and Regulations. ​​​​


 College Station Police Department
 Bryan Police Department
 Brazos County Sheriff's Office
 Brazos County Constable, Precinct 3
 Texas Department of Public Safety
 Brazos County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3
 Texas A&M University Student Counseling Service
 Sexual Assault Resource Center
 Texas A&M Transportation Services
 Safety On Campus
 "If You See Something, Say Something"
 Crimestoppers Brazos County
 Texas Division of Emergency Management
Kary Shaffer
Patrol Operations Lieutenant
Contact the on duty Sergeant by calling:
Lee Elkins
Day Shift Squad A Patrol Sergeant
Jennifer Enloe
Night Shift Squad A Patrol Sergeant
Mark Hartman
Day Shift Squad B Patrol Sergeant
Ron Huddleston
Squad B Sergeant
Mark Kozack
Squad A Sergeant
Joe Rios
Night Shift Squad B Patrol Sergeant