​Costs for Hiring an Officer​

(Dollars per hour per officer)
Police Officer$52.88
Security Officer$39.69​
    • A minimum charge of 3 hours per requested officer(s) will be assessed for each event.  All events lasting over 3 hours will be billed for the actual hours worked by the officer(s).
    • A minimum of 24 hours' notice is required for cancellation of the request for police services.  If cancellation is not received or is received less than 24 hours before the scheduled time of the event, then your department or group will be billed for minimum charge per requested officer(s).
    • You may request a specific number of officers needed for your event, but the Texas A&M University Police Department will be responsible for assessing the proper number of officers needed based on factors such as crowd size, type of event, location, etc.